The South African Journal of Pharmacoeconomics and Evidence Based Medicine has been established as a conduit for the work of South African practitioners in related fields.

The objectives are to create an independent credible reference and educate the broader medical related community on the basic principles (that under pins pharmacoeconomics and evidenced based medicine).

This web-based publication format would allow periodical review as new clinical data becomes available and/or as any cornerstone of an analysis (i.e. pricing) changes. The individual articles could be disseminated in hard copy format as a supplement to the web publication.

This Journal will reduce time to publication; publication would not be bound by any “publication date” but be placed in the public domain as soon as Peer Review has been completed.

This publication would create a forum for open dialogue and discussion in this very important field that impacts on clinical AND reimbursement environment.

The credibility of the publication will be enhanced through a stringent peer review process of both clinical and methodology used.

Please feel free to contact the publisher if you would like to explore this new and novel opportunity.




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