Another First for Eggbert - Pasteurised Eggs
These Safe Eggs ® have been pasteurised using a method developed in South Africa and patented internationally.
Safe Eggs ® have been heat treated in order to kill the pathogenic and spoilage bacteria present in eggs.
Safe Eggs ® will have an extended shelf life of at least double unpasteurised eggs and can be kept up to 6 weeks at 18 ° C - 22 ° C.
Safe Eggs ® can be enjoyed with peace of mind in dishes where eggs are used raw or semi-cooked (runny yolk).

All pasteurised eggs will be printed with a trace code and the Safe Eggs ® brand, for peace of mind.

Currently available at selected Checkers and CheckersHyper Gauteng stores. Phone (011) 901-1702 for the name of the store closest to you.

Eggbert now guarantees its products to be free of antibiotics and hormones.  When you buy Eggbert eggs you can be rest assured that that the product is safe and healthy.

Marketing and Sales
We believe in open, honest dealings based on superior customer service. We deliver to meet our mutual needs.

Food Safety
Eggbert's Gauteng Pack station situated in Boksburg East, recently received its HACCP accreditation from the SABS. Our other pack stations will follow shortly.

Two of Eggbert's egg laying facilities have changed ownership as part of Eggbert's BEE Programme. The transaction will see the egg laying facilities supply Eggbert exclusively in long term supply contracts.

Hatching soon: Watch this chic for some egg-citing new eggs.