Brilliant Edge Design Is the brainchild of André de Ath. He completed his Web and Graphic Design certificates in 1998 after studying at CTU college and then went on to work as a DTP designer while doing websites from home. He later felt he need more challenging design work and started doing odd jobs here and there to hone his skills.

After working in the design sector and seeing the high prices charged for websites and graphic design he decided that he would give the same high quality work for a much more affordable price to small and medium businesses. He started the company in 2001 and have been working on his sites ever since.

He also took a long hard look at the hosting options in South-Africa and realised it is much cheaper as well as more reliable to host in the United States than over here, thus he can give very competitive hosting rates attached to a great product.

Feel free to contact us for a quote for any web or graphic requirements you might need.


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